Andre Dubuc wrote:

> As a complete newbie to PHP, and relative novice to html, this one has me 
> stumped. Rather than wade through volumes of documentation, I thought I'd 
> risk asking it here.
> After inserting variables from a fill-out html form into my database, I would 
> like the form to "goto" the next html page, but I cannot figure out how to do 
> this basic function. I assume that when one clicks a "Submit" button, the 
> info is sent to the server, but how do you call a new page? [In my old 
> Paradox PAL days, this was accomplished very easily. I cannot find a 
> corresponding function either in PHP or html.]
> (I.e: Once a person clicks on <"Input type=submit value="Accept"> Is there a 
> function that can redirect the form to a new form?)
> Any help here would be greatly appreciated (or pointers to a good working 
> tutorial that covers this area!)

Usually people will do one of two things:

Make the action of the form tag point to the new page directly.  That 
page would take care of any form data processing that needed to happen.


Have the form call itself, then when it's done, use a HEADER tag with 
location: to redirect
header("Location: newpage.php");

Hope that helps.

Michael Kimsal

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