Have your form action point to a page that has your database storage code,
and nothing else (no screen output at all!).  Have this page start with the
<?php tag with nothing above the tag (no html and no blank lines either!).
Once your storage is complete, then use the header("location:
somepageyouname") to go to the page you have next in line.  Oh, and make
sure to use the ?> to end your php code.

Once you get the above to work, then you can add decision statements which
will help qualify your data.  (e.g. if (!isset($name)) die ("You need to
fill in your name.  Use the browser's back button and input this

Hope this helps,
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> Andre Dubuc wrote:
> > As a complete newbie to PHP, and relative novice to html, this one has
> > stumped. Rather than wade through volumes of documentation, I thought
> > risk asking it here.
> >
> > After inserting variables from a fill-out html form into my database, I
> > like the form to "goto" the next html page, but I cannot figure out how
to do
> > this basic function. I assume that when one clicks a "Submit" button,
> > info is sent to the server, but how do you call a new page? [In my old
> > Paradox PAL days, this was accomplished very easily. I cannot find a
> > corresponding function either in PHP or html.]
> >
> > (I.e: Once a person clicks on <"Input type=submit value="Accept"> Is
there a
> > function that can redirect the form to a new form?)
> >
> > Any help here would be greatly appreciated (or pointers to a good
> > tutorial that covers this area!)
> >
> Usually people will do one of two things:
> Make the action of the form tag point to the new page directly.  That
> page would take care of any form data processing that needed to happen.
> OR
> Have the form call itself, then when it's done, use a HEADER tag with
> location: to redirect
> header("Location: newpage.php");
> Hope that helps.
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