On Thursday, March 7, 2002, at 04:30  PM, gregory hernandez wrote:

> i'm wondering if i can do the following:
> using php, can i create/generate a text file  on-the-fly (not saved to a
> server)
> insert the actual text file (and not its contents) into a mysql 
> database.

Sorry, but I don't really understand the question.  If you are creating 
or generating a text file, the word "file" indicates that this is 
represented by an entity in a filesystem -- thus, it would be saved to a 
server.  Are you asking if you can create/generate text without saving 
it as a file on the server, but rather just storing the text in memory 
temporarily?  If so, then yes --

-- and the second question I haven't really figured out either.  You 
want to store a text file into a MySQL database but not the contents of 
that file?  It seems like in the first question you want to have 
contents without a file, and in the second you want a file without 
contents!  :)

Unless someone else figures out what you want and helps you, ask again 
but describe what you want a little bit more.  PHP can do a lot of 



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