> But for storing images and PDFs or other binary data, there's 
> no other way.

Actually, after having some problems with BLOB columns when 
mysqldump'ing and moving the data into a new database, I did
find another way. I borrowed a trick from MIME mail handling,
and base64_encod'ed, then chunk_split'ed the data. This makes
it very text-field friendly.

> Note that many MySQL wizards will recommend that instead of 
> storing binary data in a database, use a filesystem to store 
> the data and then use the database to create a sort of 
> "directory" for quickly locating those files in the filesystem, 

There's a problem with this, it assumes that you only use one
filesystem for your site. In the case of Melbourne IT / INWW,
we have 5 or 6 web servers that load balance. If a user uploads 
data and we copy it to the filesystem, then it's only available
on 1 web server. This is why we put it in the database. :)


Jason Murray
Web Developer, Melbourne IT
"Work now, freak later!"

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