I don't see why not, but you have to write the search engine.  i.e. create a form, 
take user input, search your database, search your static files, and return some 
formatted output with links to the content.  It's a project.  Someone else might be 
able to point you to some pre-written code.  I too would like that, but as of right 
now I am planning on writing my own.

Good Luck,  Chad
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  From: Tim Thorburn 
  Sent: Monday, March 11, 2002 12:25 PM
  Subject: [PHP] PHP based search engine


  Does anyone know of a PHP based search engine for a website?  I was using
  Fluid Dynamics on my site - as I've got some sections of the site in a
  MySQL database, and some sections are just static pages.  However, it seems
  to get stuck in a loop while trying to index portions of my database that
  are DATE formatted.

  Is it even possible to have a PHP search engine search a site that is mixed
  with MySQL and static pages?


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