David Robley wrote:
> PHP from around 4.05 has functions available to interface with the 
> mnoGOSearch search engine, available from http://www.mnogosearch.ru/
> I recommend you look at this combination.

I recommend this one to, its a very good alternative which I used for 
several projects.

The nice thing is that you can easily update and keep the index updated 
by yourself, no need for that stupid indexer that comes along to crawl 
around your site.

I have a small script which inserts new keywords/descriptions/titles 
directly in the index on update of something that should be searchable.
This is probably easiest to do when you're using a database as a backend 
for the search.

Another soloution is to have a hourly cronscript that updates the index. 
I have used that on bookmarks.egp.cx . Since I have a  modification 
timestamp on each link there I only need to update those who where 
changed since the last indexinground. Often there are no links modified 
in the last hour, so its not very resourcehungry, but that depends on 
the data off course. :)

Just my ideas. :)

Good luck!

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