I have a problem with sessions. I have an application that runs in a browser 
and on some menu's it window.opens other windows with the same session.

let's say that on the main window I have the interface to a tool to do 
traceroute to a host. In that main window I enter the host to traceroute to 
and click submit. The form is submitted to another script in a new window  
with the PHPSESSID in the url because only authenticated users are allowed to 
use the tool.
The secondary window takes the value of the host from the $_POST and runs 
traceroute and waits for it to finish to display the output.
The problem is if I minimize the secondary window and try to go to another 
menu on the main window before traceroute finishes... I believe that the main 
script cannot get a lock on the session file and hangs on session_start().
What could I do to make the second script have read-only access to the 
session file.. not interrupting the activity of the main script.



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