I'm having some frustrating issues with PHP 4.1.2 and Apache/1.3.26.

I am using sessions on a secure server and on a whole, they are working

Using the same code on all pages (after the user logs in successfully, they
are given a value and its a simple 'if' statement to determine whether they
have a session).

As I say, this has been working fine.  However, just recently I've been
having a very strange problem with certain pages.

What happens is that when I go to an affected page, it simply loses the
session information (in fact, the session appears to disappear completely
and I'm forced to log in again).  The majority of pages, using exactly the
same session code, work fine. If I log back in (without closing the
browser), I find that all of the pages work as they should.  If I close the
browser, open it and log in again, the problem occurs again.  This problem
occurs on multiple computers and multiple browser platforms.  So I'm
thinking this is either code or server side.

I have tried starting a session, destroying it and starting it again,
thinking that maybe the initial session doesn't initialise properly.  I am
also clearing all session cookies upon the user logging in successfully.

Does anyone have any idea what this could be?  I'm more than happy to
provide any additional information that you might need to diagnose the

My session code is simply as follows...

$session = session_id();

As I say, this works fine on other pages in the same directory, with exactly
the same code....

Best Regards
Bob Irwin
Server Admin & Web Programmer
Planet Netcom

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