Try the following,

  $queryColumn = mysql("DBName","desc tableName");
  $columnCount = //Find out the number of column in the table.  
  while($index < $columnCount) 
      $columnName = mysql_result($queryColumn,$index,"Field");
      echo "<p>Column name ($index) : $columnName</p>"; 


On Tue, 19 Mar 2002, Kevin Stone wrote:

> Forgive me for the off topic question.  This is a MySQL question.. has
> nothing to do with PHP directly.  However I was not able to find an
> answer in the MySQL documentation, on Usenet, or the MySQL mailing list
> archives.  Also MySQL.com's  mail manager is on the fritz so I can't
> even subscribe to the MySQL email list.  Anyway since many of you are
> familiar with SQL this is as good a place to ask this question as any.
> I simply need to return a list of column names of a MySQL table.  What's
> the syntax to do that?
> Thanks,
> Kevin

                                                        - JFK
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