I agree, but there are sites like heavy GRAPHICS sites that look fine
everywhere you know what I am saying... the only solution I see is to
add more cells, like even 1 pix cells and 100 pix wide if I want a line
of graphic etc... that is the only solution I see

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> Sorry for repeating myself, but am lost and still can't find a
> to the following problem, I need to specify a background image for
> like the code below:
> <tr>
>           <td background="images/bottomcell_bg.gif"></td>
> </tr>
> This code works EVERYWHERE (in all browsers) but Netscape Navigator
> versions.

You're fighting an unwinnable battle.  Give up on Crapscape 4.x, it is 
full of bugs.



Erik Price
Web Developer Temp
Media Lab, H.H. Brown

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