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> >Hi,
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> >Sorry for repeating myself, but am lost and still can't find a solution
> >to the following problem, I need to specify a background image for <td>
> >like the code below:
> >
> ><tr>
> >           <td background="images/bottomcell_bg.gif"></td>
> ></tr>
> >
> >This code works EVERYWHERE (in all browsers) but Netscape Navigator 4.xx
> >versions.
>Try an $nbsp; inside<td></td> as:
><tr><td background="images/bottomcell_bg.gif">&nbsp;</td></tr>
Look at the code at:
there I did what you want to do, I just tested it with NS451 and it works!
Also in NS405. I think you have to have to set height & width and the put
an transparent gif over it, have a look at the code.

James is wrong with his mail, sorry

HTH Oliver

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