On Wednesday 20 Mar 2002 19:43, Nathan Cassano wrote:
> Yes here is a solution to this problem and I am surprised no one on this
> list pointed it out.
> Simply put a transparent dot within a cell table that you wish to have
> the background image display.
> Netscape 4 in retarded in the fact that it will not display a cell
> background image unless it has cell content.
> <tr>
> <td background="images/bottomcell_bg.gif"><img
> src="images/transparent_1x1_dot.gif"></td>
> </tr>

Not only that, but it doesn't inherit the background image from its parent 
properly. For example,

<table background="myimage.gif">
<tr><td>Some text</td><td>More text</td></tr>
<tr colspan="2"><td>Even more text</td></tr>

You'll find that the background is repeated in each cell, not that the cells 
are transparent and the table area has a background. This is mightily 


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