do it in html/javascript like this:

<form action=""; method="get" onSubmit="return
(this.okay.value != 'no');">
  <input type="hidden" name="okay" value="no">
  <input type="text">
  <input type="submit" onClick="this.form.okay.value = 'yes';">

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Subject: [PHP] Trap CR or "Enter" possible?

In one of my php pages, I have a form that requires the user to click
for Surname". If however they press "Enter", undesirable effects occur.

I've successfully trapped if an empty string is in the <input 
type="text"....>, but "Enter" eludes my efforts to trap it for an
"Educational" message about following instructions :>


if ($sname == "") {echo "Please enter a Surname and click "Search for   
Surname'.", exit;}
if (eregi(\r == true) {exit;}  // something tells me this isn't correct!!

Any ideas how I can accomplish this -- the code is asking for search
for a query into PostgreSQL (it's coded between <?php  . . . ?>)

Any ideas, suggestions, or where to look would be appreciated.



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