On Friday, March 22, 2002, at 12:11  AM, Jason Wong wrote:

> But, what are the undesirable effects of just pressing enter? I know 
> that in
> IE pressing enter to submit a form is not the same as clicking on the 
> submit
> button. If that is what you are referring to then it's very easy to code
> around that and thus would not require javascript.

I have noticed that pressing enter in IE does achieve the same effect as 
pressing the "submit" button for my forms.  But I have also heard that 
it's not really "the same", especially if there are more than one 
"submit"-style inputs for the given form.  What does Enter "really" do 
in IE?

Side note to the original poster: in the script that is the target of 
the form you are writing, you may be able to test for the presence of 
the "submit" variable -- if this value is not present, then the user has 
not clicked the Submit button.  I know that the "value" of a submit 
input is usually just used to label the button in some way (such as 
value="Click Here for Free Porn!"), but you can actually test for this 
value if you have given the Submit input a name.  I may be wrong about 
this, though.



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