On Friday, March 22, 2002, at 12:29  PM, Jason Wong wrote:

>> Side note to the original poster: in the script that is the target of
>> the form you are writing, you may be able to test for the presence of
>> the "submit" variable -- if this value is not present, then the user 
>> has
>> not clicked the Submit button.  I know that the "value" of a submit
>> input is usually just used to label the button in some way (such as
>> value="Click Here for Free Porn!"), but you can actually test for this
>> value if you have given the Submit input a name.  I may be wrong about
>> this, though.
> Thus if you relied upon testing for the value of the submit button to
> determine whether the form had been submitted (as opposed to being 
> viewed for
> the first time) then you're going to get unexpected results.

Right, but I was trying to come up with a way for the original poster to 
test to see if the user had simply hit "enter" or if they had actually 
hit the "submit" button (not as a test to see if the form was being 
viewed for the first time).  IIRC he was having problems determining 
whether or not the user had hit "enter" or hit the submit button.



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