If this is the explanation the other 7 got, I'm not
surprised they're stumped.  :)

You don't seem to explain the formula to determine q100, q300, etc.,
which bugged me, but the text of your question seems to indicate
we don't really need to know this.

 > Now the tricky part is $Quantity2 can either be blank or have a value
 > and if $Quantity2 has a value then $Quantity3 can either be blank or
 > have a value

if ($Quantity2) {
execute code
if ($Quantity3) {
execute code

Am I missing something obvious?  Do the values of quantity2 and 3
have some impact on the pricings of quantity1?  Could you explain your
problem in more detail (offlist is fine if you want).

Michael Kimsal
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