Hi Everyone,

Here's my problem:  I'd like to make the printing of some text dependent on
whether or not a variable is null.  In the following example, when $row[1]
is null, what gets printed on the page is "Email:     ".  I'd like the
script to not print "Email:" if row[1] is null.

It looks like I should be using is_null(), but I'm not sure how to use it,
especially since all of this is embedded in a print statement.

while ($row = mysql_fetch_row ($result))
 print ("\t<tr bgcolor=\"#ff9900\">\n\t\t<th>$row[0]</th>\n</tr>\n\t<tr
class=\"default\" bgcolor=\"#ffffff\">\n\t\t<td><p>$row[10]</p><p>Email: <a
href=\"mailto:$row[1]\";>$row[1]</a><br />Phone: $row[2]</p>\n\n<p>Address:
$row[3]<br />$row[4]<br />$row[5] $row[6] $row[7]</p> <p>URL: <a
href=\"$row[8]\" target=\"_blank\">$row[8]</a></p></td></tr>");

Instead of just printing Email: $row[1], I'd like to test whether it's null
first--maybe something like this?

if (is_null($row[1])) print " " else print ("Email: $row[0]")

but can I put that line inside of another print statement?  if so, do I have
to escape the quotation marks?  Please forgive my confusion--I'm new to
programming in general and PHP in particular.

Thanks in advance for your help.



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