I am trying to develop a front end to a database that will be used for entering 
information about the computer systems I take care of. It would be easy to do if it 
weren't for one problem. I want to list information about the drives that are in each 
system. There could be one, two, or 10 drives, so I want to have it generate a new 
table row for each drive. That I can do. The issue I run into is how best to create 
the interface. Right now I have a page where everything is entered on one page. 

I have two tables in the database. One for the basic hardware information, and one for 
the volume information. The volume table has a field for the hardwareID so that I can 
tie the volumes to the hardware, and with a separte table, I can have as many drives 
as I want. The problem with this is that when I click on a hyperlink to open a window 
for adding a volume, I need a hardwareID to be able to tie the volume information to 
the hardware. The hardwareID is created in MySql when the information entered for the 
hardware is submitted, which hasn't been done yet.

I could break this up into multiple pages, where I enter the basic information, and 
then I will have an ID created to use so that I can add the volumes, but this could 
get messy. Is there a better way of doing this?

This is confusing to follow, I know. Here is a link to the page I am talking about so 
that you can get an idea of what I am talking about. 
http://bowser.homedns.org/assets/addasset.html  About 1/3 the way down, you will see 
an Add Volume link that will take you to the addvolume page.

Thanks in advance,


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