I use sessions every day and they are extremely reliable.  I have no
problems with them.  And they would easily do what you want.  Now getting to
that stage took a lot of blood and sweat, but I would say it's definitely
worth it due to the ease that sessions handles data.



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> From: Thomas Deliduka <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Date: Thu, 04 Apr 2002 16:54:13 -0500
> Subject: Re: [PHP] Reliability of sessions
> On 4/4/02 4:46 PM this was written:
>> I am not sure about the reliability of sessions, but the way I do it is
>> also through several processes, and the information passed via <input
>> type=hidden name=name value=$name> I can demonstrate it if you want.
> That's what I was wanting to avoid. That's a lot of hidden fields. Not to
> mention if you  have to add to the first step, you need to modify all the
> others.
>> Even though sessions are more handy, I still don't know what happens if
>> cookies are disabled in the client's browser.
> I pass the session ID in the URL on every page so whether or not cookies are
> set, the session stays intact.
> I'm thinking that I solved my old problem and I'm going to do it in the
> database and pass the order number. That's probably the best way. I only
> have to provide for order clean-up for those that started the process and
> decided not to check out.
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