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> How do you pass session IDs via strings? Can you describe in few words
> please?

Well, I know that SID is a defined constant (see session functions in the
online PHP manual) but just to be sure, I created my own functions:

function sessinfo() {
    return session_name() . "=" . session_id();

function sessfield() {
    echo "<INPUT TYPE=\"HIDDEN\" NAME=\"" . session_name() . "\" VALUE=\"" .
session_id() . "\">\n";

I use 'session_name()' rather than PHPSESSID because some webmasters may
change the PHP.ini file's definition for the session name.

Then whenever I make a URL link in my site I do

<A HREF="filename.php?<? echo sessinfo(); ?>">my link</A>

Of course, the sessfield function is for passing the session ID via a form.


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