I use them because 'sid' isn't always populated and, who knows, some browser
may not handle cookies right and then lose a session. I do it to make sure,
to be absolutely sure that it will work.

On 4/4/02 5:19 PM this was written:

> If you made your link like this:  <a href="filename.php?<?=sid?>"> it tacks
> on the name plus the session id.  If cookies are enabled you will only see
> the session id passed through the url on the first page.. After that you
> wont, thus the little script I wrote so the '?' doesnąt show up.  Now if
> cookies arent enabled you will see the session name and id passed through
> the url every single time.  There is absolutely no reason to use those
> functions since php takes care of that stuff for you.


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