i don't like javascript. It's pain in the ass to get this working on more
IE and Netscape. Btw, to get it working on IE and Netscape is annoying
already imo.So what i would do is registering some sort of variable in the
session, that shows you if the page has been submitted already.
On the page that processes the form, you register this variable to the
session, if it isn't registered already. if it is registered already, you
simply ignore the request

That's the easiest way, but as long as the session remains, the user
wouldn't be able to submit this form again. So if you want the user to be
able to submit this form again but preventing him from submitting the same
data again, you have to do a little more than what i mentioned above.

Regards, Michael

"Erik Price" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
> On Thursday, March 28, 2002, at 06:50  PM, Michael Virnstein wrote:
> > This is not possible. You cannot force the browser
> > not to go back in its history, don't even trie to find a solution for
> > this...
> > the question you should ask yourself is not how to disable the browser
> > history
> > but how you can prevent your page by getting screwed by multiple posts.
> I see.  Then, when I try to do something similar to this on FedEx.com or
> Amazon.com, is it JavaScript that redirects me to an error page?  If so
> then I will have to use both tactics -- preventing a form from being
> resubmit, and JavaScript to "disable" the back button (unethical as it
> may be).
> Erik
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> Erik Price
> Web Developer Temp
> Media Lab, H.H. Brown

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