This is not possible. You cannot force the browser
not to go back in its history, don't even trie to find a solution for
the question you should ask yourself is not how to disable the browser
but how you can prevent your page by getting screwed by multiple posts.

"Erik Price" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
> Sorry to plague this list with questions today, but I was hoping someone
> could help me understand a fundamental thing about how browsers work --
> how can I achieve the effect that many ecommerce sites (such as Amazon)
> use to prevent the user from going "back" in their history?  For obvious
> reasons, I would like to avoid JavaScript to achieve this feat.  I have
> some multi-part forms that I do not wish users to be able to repeat
> accidentally.
> I believe it has something to do with a header and the browser's cache,
> but I really don't know anything about it.
> TIA,
> Erik
> ----
> Erik Price
> Web Developer Temp
> Media Lab, H.H. Brown

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