Ok here is my problem, for one I am new to php and would like a new pair of
eyes for this piece of code, and second what I would like to accomplish is
putting the contents of a directory into an array and then pulling the
contents of that array into a select box for further processing... If
someone could give me some more information on GetDirArray() or a different
way to accomplish this problem that would be great... this is where I am
thus far.

$i=0;  // counter
$files = array(); // array to store directory content

// open directory
$dir = opendir("/home/web/b/bignickel.net/htdocs/");

// loop through directory and put filenames into an array
while ($file = readdir($dir)) {
  $files[$i] = $file;
// pull $file (directory array into select box)
$file_count .="<OPTION VALUE=\"$file\">$file</OPTION>";
$form = "<p><FORM METHOD=\"post\" ACTION=\"blank.php3\">
<SELECT NAME=\"files\">$file_count</SELECT>
<INPUT TYPE=\"submit\" NAME=\"submit\" VALUE=\"select\">
// close directory
Then of course I just use an echo to display the select box but so far I
have not been able to have it actually work so any help would be great..
Thanks in advance,

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