Sorry, here is what I have thus far... everything is working except I am
just not sure how to pass the result of the users selection to another
script, I have added the hidden input type to try and solve it but I think I
am doing something wrong, maybe I need to put the hidden input type on the
second script to place the contents into the database, here is the code...
$dir_name = "/path/to/directory/";
$dir = opendir($dir_name);
$file_list .= "<p><FORM METHOD=\"post\" ACTION=\"ad_done.php3\">
<SELECT NAME=\"files\">$file_name";
 while ($file_name = readdir($dir)) {
  if (($file_name != ".") && ($file_name !="..")) {
  $file_list .= "<OPTION VALUE=\"$file_name\">$file_name</OPTION>";
 } // added hidden field here... and so far it is not getting any value, so
i am assuming that i need it on my ad_done.php3 script???
 $file_list .= "<INPUT TYPE=\"hidden\" NAME=\"$file_name\"
VALUE=\"$file_name\"></SELECT><br><br><INPUT TYPE=\"submit\" NAME=\"submit\"

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