ok, i'll try to help, but first use "while (false !== ($file =
readdir($dir))". ;)
why do you need hidden fields on that page? to determine which file
the user has selected? hmmm...ok, let's see:
The user sees your form, selects the desired file and submits the form.
Now the page processing the request will know which one was selected.
in your case $files will contain the value of the selected option field
the select-box files. So why do you need additional input fields for that?
Please explain a bit more detailed what exactly is your problem.

"Jas" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
> Ok I tried a different way to do it and this is the resulting code... I
> still need to be able to make some hidden fields so the contents of the
> selected may be passed to another script which will stick the path of the
> file into a database table if anyone wants to give me a hand with that
> Here is what I have and it is working as far as just reading the directory
> and putting the contents into a select box...
> <?php
> // varible to hold path to directory we wish to open
> $dir_name = "/path/to/directory/on/server/";
> // opening directory
> $dir = opendir($dir_name);
> // varible to start form
> $file_list .= "<p><FORM METHOD=\"post\" ACTION=\"db.php3\">
> <SELECT NAME=\"files\">$file_name";
> // read the directory and place them into file names for further
> while ($file_name = readdir($dir)) {
> // exclude "." and ".." file names
>  if (($file_name != ".") && ($file_name !="..")) {
> // variable to place results of directory into select box
>  $file_list .= "<OPTION VALUE=\"$file_name\">$file_name</OPTION>";
>   }
>  }
> // closing select and form and adding select button
>  $file_list .= "</SELECT><br><br><INPUT TYPE=\"submit\" NAME=\"submit\"
> VALUE=\"select\"></FORM></p>";
> // close the directory
> closedir($dir);
> ?>
> If anyone knows how to do this in a better way please let me know, but
> works and all it needs is some hidden fields (i am assuming here) so that
> the item that the user selects from the list can be further processed,
> sticking the file path (not the actual file) into a database table.  (I
> help with that...)  Enj0y!
> Jas

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