Sorry about that...
What I think "might" work and I still working on the code for is to create
an array to place the 12 different files I am attempting to use (seems a bit
unnecessary but I am still new to php and this assists me in keeping it
organized) and then call one field of the array to each separate form
action.... the reason I would like to do it this way is because if I were to
have a unique form action I would be able to pass the users selection to one
of the 12 different files therefore creating unique forms for each of the 12
fields I need to update in the db.
$file_array = array(index_ad01.php3, index_ad01_t.php3, index_ad02.php3,
index_ad02_t.php3, index_ad03.php3, index_ad03_t.php3, index_ad04.php3,
index_ad04_t.php3, index_ad05.php3, index_ad05_t.php3, index_ad06.php3,
$dir_name = "/path/to/images/directory/";
$dir = opendir($dir_name);
$file_list .= "<p><FORM METHOD=\"post\" ACTION=\"index_done.php3\"
NAME=\"$file_array+1\"><SELECT NAME=\"files\">";
 while ($file_name = readdir($dir)) {
  if (($file_name != ".") && ($file_name !="..")) {
  $file_list .= "<OPTION VALUE=\"$file_name\"
 $file_list .= "</SELECT><br><br><INPUT TYPE=\"submit\" NAME=\"submit\"
If you can tell I am not very good at array's either, but I think this
illustrates what I am trying to accomplish which would be to place all the
files I need into an array named $file_array and then where I begin to
create my form I figure I could pull the array contents then count up 1 for
each form I make, not sure if this will work and if it doesn't please tell
me why as I am still trying to learn php. Thanks again,

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