I'm not sure if I can help you much here, but something I might suggest is 
going to a single page approach.  I have a class on www.phpclasses.org that 
you can download called Command Class.  Basicly the idea is that you have a 
single index.php file which loads your headers and footer information then 
based on a command and sub-command pair is does a database look up to find 
the file you wish to load as your content.  This way your form should always 
look like this.

<form method=post>
form data

The only thing you would need to do is either as part of your form have a 
hidden field with the command and sub-command pair or you could have a 
script run after you create the $command object then set the command and 
subcommand based on the data you have then all you would need to do is when 
you are ready to display the page do a $command->load_command();  It works 
well for me though it is still early code and there might be some bugs and 
possible security issues I haven't worked out yet.


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