It's pretty hard to argue in favour of Windows.  But stick Linux or
FreeBSD in there as your OS and you will have a rock-solid, inexpensive
and well-supported platform that will put just about anything you can
build on a Windows server to shame.


On Wed, 10 Apr 2002, Mallen Baker wrote:

> Hi - the company we're talking to about doing some work on a simple site / database 
>is trying hard to persuade us that Windows-based PHP / mysql is not the route to go. 
>The arguments are as follows:
> 1. XXX's experience that MySQL is less than 100% stable when running on a windows 
>platform (main problem being unexpected database shutdowns while applications are 
>being used).
> 2. The fact that the recommended mode for running PHP on a windows platform (the CGI 
>binary) uses technology that is now reasonably old and will consequently result  in a 
>hit to the server performance and memory management and the associated  possible lack 
>of scalability.
> 3. Loss of verity - the powerful search engine bundled with Cold Fusion. Searches 
>may  be significantly slower on the new site.
> I have had some experience using php/mysql on linux/apache - but don't have enough 
>information to know whether this advice is sound or not. Can anyone please advise - 
>is there anything in these arguments?
> If so, are there ways around the problems. We very much want to use these 
>technologies due to the open source aspects.
> Thanks - Mallen
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