On Friday 12 April 2002 03:51, Barry C. Hawkins wrote:
> List members,
>      I am sure this was probably mentioned before I joined the list, but
> when members post to the list using the PHP tags around the script, a
> number of web-based PHP mail apps attempt to process the script server-side
> and those of us blessed with such systems see either nothing or
> unintelligible garble with some of the funniest hyperlink behaviors I have
> seen in a while. In case anyone's curious, I am using Earthlink's webmail,
> which is a PHP3-based app (with several issues, particularly handling
> escaped characters and special characters in message replies). Am I one of
> very few persons experiencing this?  If not, could we (or have we already)
> adopt some policy to enable those with this challenge to see code on
> postings?

There is something seriously wrong if your webmail is trying to execute the 
php code embedded inside an email. Is it a proprietory webmail system that 
Earthlink is using?

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