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On Friday 12 April 2002 03:51, Barry C. Hawkins wrote:
> List members,
>      I am sure this was probably mentioned before I joined the list, 
> but when members post to the list using the PHP tags around the 
> script, a number of web-based PHP mail apps attempt to process the 
> script server-side and those of us blessed with such systems see 
> either nothing or unintelligible garble with some of the funniest 
> hyperlink behaviors I have seen in a while. In case anyone's curious, 
> I am using Earthlink's webmail, which is a PHP3-based app (with 
> several issues, particularly handling escaped characters and special 
> characters in message replies). Am I one of very few persons 
> experiencing this?  If not, could we (or have we already) adopt some 
> policy to enable those with this challenge to see code on postings?

There is something seriously wrong if your webmail is trying to execute
php code embedded inside an email. Is it a proprietory webmail system
Earthlink is using?

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It looks proprietary to me, like some home-grown app that they may have
developed internally.  Maybe I should just make a fix and send it to
their support staff...it's really frustrating.

Barry C. Hawkins
Systems Consultant

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