It would still require some knowledge of the posted data.  If someone clicks 
a submit button, and it is posting to a page that doesn't really exist, then 
when the index.php file gets called as a 404 errordocument, the posted 
variables are already lost, so it wouldn't be possible to access the posted 
variables in any fashion.  The only possibility might be if Apache had some 
way of dealing with this scenario and I am not that familiar with how Apache 
works.  And so, that leaves me with the only workaround I do know, post to a 
page that does exist!  It's just not the ideal solution, but it works.

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Subject: Re: [PHP] form posting to a fake page
Date: Wed, 17 Apr 2002 15:53:55 -0400

On Wednesday, April 17, 2002, at 03:49  PM, [ rswfire ] wrote:

>See, now that makes sense.  So it sounds like there's really nothing
>that can be done except to have it post directly to the index.php file
>along with an environment variable indicating what page is posting the
>data.  This is what I have been doing as a workaround already, it's
>just not the ideal solution.  Thank you.

You could pass the data along the querystring, maybe.  I'm not sure how
the redirect works exactly, but if you are using PHP or Perl then you
should be able to grab the GET and POST data and throw it onto the



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