They actually vary as to where they become truncated - some are at 633
bytes, some are at 1kb. The odd thing is that the PHP script I'm using to
process the form actually pics up the correct filesize, it reports it to me
under a $filesize variable I've setup. It'll report, say file2_filesize...:
69147 but the actual attachment is 1kb.

Like I said, I have this same problem using both Perl scripts and PHP
scripts. In php.ini my post_max size is 8M and upload_max_filesize is 2M.
Looking through the Apache mailing list archives, it looks like others
running Apache on win32 have experienced the same problems, but there are no
answers. I'm a little stumped myself!

I've found that even PHP upload scripts I've gotten from
don't execute correctly either. A bit discouraging, as this problem is
seriously affecting a website I was hoping to have completed this weekend.

Thanks for your help,

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> I'm using 'POST' in my forms - any other ideas or places I could check?
> Thanks again.

There are a couple of settings in php.ini you could look at:


Have you tried varying size attachments to see at what point the attachments
become truncated?

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