On Sunday 21 April 2002 06:02, Jason Soza wrote:
> They actually vary as to where they become truncated - some are at 633
> bytes, some are at 1kb. The odd thing is that the PHP script I'm using to
> process the form actually pics up the correct filesize, it reports it to me
> under a $filesize variable I've setup. It'll report, say file2_filesize...:
> 69147 but the actual attachment is 1kb.

Please post your code.

> Like I said, I have this same problem using both Perl scripts and PHP
> scripts. In php.ini my post_max size is 8M and upload_max_filesize is 2M.
> Looking through the Apache mailing list archives, it looks like others
> running Apache on win32 have experienced the same problems, but there are
> no answers. I'm a little stumped myself!

Have you narrowed down the problem to whether the uploaded file is truncated 
or whether the mail attachment process truncates the file?

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