Hmm... Okay, I used this script I found on hotscripts - it copies the entire
file to the specified directory:

      echo "<p><center>Trying to upload to: "
         . $upload_path . $filename . "</center></p>\n";

      if ( file_exists($upload_path.$filename) ) {
         echo "<p><font color='red'><center>"
            . $message["fileexists"]."</font></center></p>";

      } else {
         if( move_uploaded_file($HTTP_POST_FILES['userfile']['tmp_name'],
                   $upload_path.$filename) ) {
            echo "<p><center>" . $message["complete"]."</center></p>";
         } else {
            echo "<p><font color='red'><center>"
               . $message["incomplete"]."</font></center></p>";

Now why would this work but the e-mail scripts not?

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On Monday 22 April 2002 01:51, Jason Soza wrote:
> I haven't been able to identify what process actually truncates the file.

This should be the easiest to nail down. Add a bit of code so that when the
file gets uploaded, it gets copied somewhere, then you can manually check
size. Obviously, if the filesize is OK then the problem is further down the
line (probably the mail code).

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