Try "PHP and MySQL Web Development", by Luke Welling and Laura Thompson; only one 
thing, maybe you'll have troubles with the form variables, put this code at the 
beginning of all book examples 
foreach (array_merge($_POST,$_GET) as $key=>$val) 
        global $$key; 
Code made by Alok K. Dhir ;-)

At 08:02 25/04/2002 -0500, you wrote:
>I have been developing with ColdFusion for nearly five years and want to
>learn PHP. For someone who has never done anything with PHP before, what
>*one* book would you recommend as a good primer to get started learning PHP?
>Also, do most PHPers use MySQL as your database when building dynamic web
>sites, or do you prefer alternative databases like Postgres? From what I
>have seen from afar, MySQL seems to be the dominant one, but I have read
>that Postgres is more robust.
>Thanks in advance and cheers from San Antonio,
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