On Thursday, April 25, 2002, at 09:20  AM, David Garcia Aristegui wrote:

> Try "PHP and MySQL Web Development", by Luke Welling and Laura 
> Thompson; only one thing, maybe you'll have troubles with the form 
> variables, put this code at the beginning of all book examples
> foreach (array_merge($_POST,$_GET) as $key=>$val)
> {
>         global $$key;
>         $$key=$val;
> }
> Code made by Alok K. Dhir ;-)

The above is a creative way around using superglobals, but I recommend 
that you start learning PHP using them.  An excellent, if somewhat easy, 
challenge will be to take any of the PHP books (every single one I've 
seen has used the deprecated register_globals=on method), use it to 
learn PHP, and simultaneously use the appropriate superglobal prefix for 
the variables.  Thus, when the PHP book discusses making a GET method 
form or including vars on the querystring in a href attribute, make sure 
that in the "receiving" script you use $_GET['varname'] instead of 
$varname (as the book will no doubt use).  Same for $_COOKIE, $_SERVER, 
$_SESSION, $_SERVER (read the man page for this one), and $_POST.



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