Is there any reason that you have to use JS to redo the array?  I did
something like this once and had the buttons monitored by JS, then when you
click it set a hidden var (with a name like sort) and submitted the page.
Then my PHP read in everything and redrew the graph based on what we were
sorting by.  It wasn't as difficult as it sounds - the only problem was they
decided that it wasn't pertinent to that graph, so we aren't using it
anymore.  I don't know if I have any of the code left.


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On Saturday 27 April 2002 01:23, Pushkar Pradhan wrote:
> In my php I had 4 buttons, up, down, top and bottom:
> After detecting which element and which button was clicked I changed 
> the element position by using array_slice, shift, unshift, array_merge 
> etc.. I'm not sure what I'll do it JS

Well, depending on how you were reordering the array I was going to suggest 
you use php. Since you already have a version in php and you want to do it
javascript then ...

> > > I've never written javascript? Thanks,

I suggest you learn some javascript then think about how to "pass an array" 
to it from php :)

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