BBEdit is by far one of the best basic text editors I have ever seen on 
any platform. I use 6.1 (waiting on for an upgrade), and it runs OK on 
10.1.4. It would be great to see some tight PHP environment to work in, 
but I have yet to see it.

All BBEdit needs is some sort of ProjectBuilder style integration with 
PHP to make it great.

In fact with MacOS 10.x you can put most production applications 
(Apache, PHP, MySQL, etc..) on your local machine and make it quite 
powerful for testing and development.


On Friday, April 26, 2002, at 12:33 PM, Tom Beidler wrote:

> Could someone suggest a good php editor for the mac? I'm currently using
> Dreamweaver because I like the site management and a wysiwyg html 
> editor.
> But otherwise it's a bummer because it doesn't support php.
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