Erik Price wrote:
> mysql> SELECT * FROM material_multiplier;
> +------------+
> | multiplier |
> +------------+
> |       1.50 |
> +------------+
> 1 row in set (0.00 sec)
> I suppose I could store a table with two columns, one being VARNAME the 
> other being VALUE, and pull this kind of standalone data out of it, but 
> was curious what other people do when they need to store something like 
> this.

Hello Erik,

This is what our system does, except we go a 
step further and additionally pull in the variables related to a 
particular module being processed.  There is a config table with module 
name, var name and value, and when you're using the 'forum' module, for 
example, all vars in the config table relating to 'forum' are extracted 
and made available to the forum module code.  There is also a backend 
system to allow administrators to change those variables.  Something 
like 'postsPerPage' in the forum module, for example, can easily be 
changed from 15 to 20, by someone who knows no FTP, no PHP, no HTML, no 
coding of any kind.  Just a web-based 'change this value' screen.

Yeah, subtle plug there :)  but it *does* work - we've been using this 
strategy for over a year and it's a good middle ground giving 
flexibility without having to grant access to code to people who don't 
need it/shouldn't have it.

Michael Kimsal

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