Almost all the databases I work with have a table called vars. This table
consists of two fields, strkey and strval, both VARCHAR(255). I then have 2
functions defined in the global include file for the site called GetVar and
SetVar. This solution works well for me.


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On Fri, 26 Apr 2002, Erik Price wrote:
> although include files are great for storing data that will probably not
> change (but are now in a convenient include file in case they have to
> change), I was thinking of making this data updateable from within the
> application.  So that my employer, who does not know a thing about PHP
> or MySQL, can change this information from the "administration" section
> of the site.  Which is why I was thinking of using the database...

I think using the database is a fine idea - even if you just serialize a
giant array of configuration parameters and stuff them in a TEXT field
(less work to set up, but you'll have to use your PHP admin tool to make
changes, thereby forsaking your ability to don your wizard robes and pop
open a MySQL CLI session to make changes in front of awed management).


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