Yes, it's certainly possible. There are classes out there that manage
.htaccess permissions for you and provide a web interface to do it. The
scripts will write the appropriate .htaccess files based on what you choose
to do.

Search or for one of them.

The passwords are made using crypt(). So you take the users password,
crypt() it, and compare it to what in the file. I would recommend you get
one of the administration classes, though, rather than re-creating the

---John Holmes...

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Subject: [PHP] php/.htaccess/.htpasswd

Is is possible to use php to admin a password file used by a .htaccess file?

I know that sometimes it is easier/more robust to manage password protection
via sessions/database, but I've got a client that wants to use a .htaccess

How do you deal with the encryption of the passwords, etc?

I appreciate any guidance,


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