Hi. I've run into a problem with my PHP session. I'm running PHP
4.1.0 on OpenBSD v3.0 using .HTACCESS and mod_mysql. I have a PHP file that
is referenced every time content is requested on the web site (this file
also sets/restores the session). This PHP file includes [include()] the
requested content within. When my session is created I register 6 variables.
The problem comes into play when you want to access one of the 6 registered
variables on the initial page (after the user logs in). For some reason the
registered variables are not recognized. I'm accessing the register
variables using 
$_SESSION[variable_name]. I've also assigned values to these variables. The
funny thing about the whole issue is if you reload/refresh the page or load
something else after the initial page everything works fine. I require this
to work initially because if someone comes in directly using a link certain
content will render a error message because the registered variable is not
present for some reason. Oh and yes the cookie to set the session is being
put on the client's machine properly and at the initial page.

Am I doing something wrong? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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