> Alright that's good to hear. In a specific case that I'm having
> this problem
> the main PHP file is including file (content) that refers to
> $_SESSION[nSID_PeopleID] in main. This value is vital in
> rendering the page.
> So it should be there right? Also about removing session_name(), how can I
> do this. It was my understanding that you must call session_name before
> session_start() and session_register(). Is this not correct?

Ahhh, so that's your problem then....the include isn't getting the session
id.  I've never used an include with a session setup before but I would see
the easiest thing to do be have the include first echo the session id number
and see if it is actually getting passed or not on the first call

echo session_id();

if that returns nothing for you then the next step might be to assign a
temporary variable in your main script

$sess_id = session_id();

and then set that session id in the include file directly


This is all uncharted waters for me, I usually don't use includes and
functions together so I've never had to deal with such an issue.  As far as
the session name goes....you actually don't need to specify one....by
default the session name is PHPSESSION and really unless you have a real
reason for using a different session name there is no real benefit to
specifying another session name (afaik).


Craig Vincent

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