I already have this setup. The session works just not on the initial page
after login.

> Add <? session_start(); ?>
> At the top of each page, before anything else is done.
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>       Hi. I've run into a problem with my PHP session. I'm running PHP
> 4.1.0 on OpenBSD v3.0 using .HTACCESS and mod_mysql. I have a 
> PHP file that
> is referenced every time content is requested on the web site 
> (this file
> also sets/restores the session). This PHP file includes 
> [include()] the
> requested content within. When my session is created I 
> register 6 variables.
> The problem comes into play when you want to access one of 
> the 6 registered
> variables on the initial page (after the user logs in). For 
> some reason the
> registered variables are not recognized. I'm accessing the register
> variables using
> $_SESSION[variable_name]. I've also assigned values to these 
> variables. The
> funny thing about the whole issue is if you reload/refresh 
> the page or load
> something else after the initial page everything works fine. 
> I require this
> to work initially because if someone comes in directly using 
> a link certain
> content will render a error message because the registered 
> variable is not
> present for some reason. Oh and yes the cookie to set the 
> session is being
> put on the client's machine properly and at the initial page.
> Am I doing something wrong? Any suggestions would be greatly 
> appreciated!

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