I'm currently working on a warehouse system, and I'd like to print some 
labels pretty accurately.

At the moment, I'm using Mozilla to print, but this just won't do, 
especially not when we're expecting to print something like 4,000 labels 
next week :D

$client is the MySQL record where the client information is stored.
$copies is the number of copies.

So, what I was thinking was to go :-

User selects number of copies to print & the client number.
Give HTML2ps the PHP URL with all the info stored in the URL (form POST 
Use the CSS defintion of "page-break" to break up each page. (Each page 
is different because there's a barcode on each page, which is generated 
by a function)

Would this work? HOW do I call HTML2ps from inside PHP? Would I be 
better off going:-

loop until 50 copies have been printed.
HTML2ps, print page x;
x = x + 1;
go back to start of loop. (In other words, call HTML2ps repeately. In 
this case, I won't need "page-break" will I?).

Many thanks!

(BTW running Apache on Red Hat 7.2 with PHP 2.x (can't recall off my 

Yoav Felberbaum
Website (Not worth looking ^_^) : http://www.wlv.ac.uk/~c9807379/

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