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> On Friday 03 May 2002 07:03, Mrdini wrote:
> > > I think using the PDF functions would be a much better solution. You have
> > > full control over what gets printed where. Search on sourceforge for
> > > wrapper classes which make the PDF functions easier to use.
> >
> > Well, I didn't really look into this way of doing PDFs as I want to dump
> > straight to lpr (it's a postscript laser printer). Also, I don't feel up
> > to learning how to create PDFs -_-. I had a look a while back, and it
> > sounds VERY complicated.
> I as said, take a look at some of those classes. It's a lot easier that you 
> think. And whatever little learning curve there is, is more than made up for 
> by not having to deal with the uncertainties of HTML layout :)

....(a day later).....

*bows* You are, of course, right. :) Whilst I haven't quite gotten there 
yet, I've been experimenting a bit with 
<> and it's _easy_! Whilst not 
as flexible as something like PDFlib, it suits my purposes very well 
nevertheless. The end is in sight!


Yoav Felberbaum
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