On Friday 03 May 2002 02:05, Mrdini wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm currently working on a warehouse system, and I'd like to print some
> labels pretty accurately.
> At the moment, I'm using Mozilla to print, but this just won't do,
> especially not when we're expecting to print something like 4,000 labels
> next week :D
> $client is the MySQL record where the client information is stored.
> $copies is the number of copies.
> So, what I was thinking was to go :-
> User selects number of copies to print & the client number.
> Give HTML2ps the PHP URL with all the info stored in the URL (form POST
> IIRC).

I think using the PDF functions would be a much better solution. You have 
full control over what gets printed where. Search on sourceforge for wrapper 
classes which make the PDF functions easier to use.

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