> basically I will be left at their mercy; if they don't pay, 

 > So, is there any way I can inconspicuously code in some 
 > boo-boo's that are time related etc.

I'd suggest that you have a legal or business practices issue rather
than a technical one.  Do you have a signed contract or work agreement?
What are the terms and conditions laid out in it?  If you don't have one
then perhaps you should look at having one.  At a minimum I'd be
suggesting that such terms and conditions need to address the issues of
copyright over the work produced, significant "way points" or
development stages, completion deadlines and payment schedules.

If you deliberately sabotage the work you have done you might end up in
a poor legal position yourself (leaving aside personal feelings of being
able to get back at someone for a moment).

If you don't have such things in place then perhaps suggesting a part
payment or some other alternative will work.

Ultimately, there are no real technical solutions to anything but
technical problems and I don't think the situation you're describing
falls into that category.

CYA, Dave

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