Keep some vital part of the code separate, ie on your own host... such as
the ability to add new users, or the calendar-file for next month, or
whatever.  Their system works fine, and as soon as they pay they get the
last module and are on their own, but if they fail to pay you can pull the
plug.  And because it's something *missing* rather than an additional test
in the code they have, it's much harder to work around.

"Phpcoder" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Hi
> I have a funny request; I wrote a system for a client and am rather
> concerned that I am not going to receive payment for the work done. They
> want me to hand over the code before they are willing to pay, so
> basically I will be left at their mercy; if they don't pay, they will
> still have a working version of the system...
> So, is there any way I can inconspicuously code in some boo-boo's that
> are time related etc. Something that will bomb the mysql tables or break
> some code if it is not "unlocked" within a month etc.
> I'm not sure if people out tjere might have existing safeguard tools
> etc, so I'm open for suggestions.
> PS, I know about Zend's encrypter, but since it will live on their
> server, I don't think it will help much since they will need the
> decrypter on there anyway right?
> Thanks

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